Play Area

Charlton Musgrove Play Area is located in Barrow Lane (Postcode: BA9 8HN), opposite St John’s Chapel and Cemetery, and should be accessed via the pedestrian gate from Barrow Lane.  The Play Area is owned by the Mackintosh Foundation and operated by the Parish Council.

Please note: One of the swings has had to be removed from the playing area. We will replace this as soon as possible.

THE PLAY AREA IS OPEN.  Following maintenance on the surface of the Play Area it been re-opened; the surface will be checked regularly and further maintenance carried-out as necessary.


Use of the play area is at your own risk.

Stay at home if you feel unwell.

If the play area is busy, queue or come back later.

Limit your time to 30 minutes if the play area is busy.

Maintain social distancing.

Wash your hands before you visit and when you get back home.

Bring and use your own sanitiser.

Cough or sneeze into a tissue.

Take your litter home.

Do not consume food or drink in the play area.

The equipment – including gate latches – will not be routinely cleaned.

Make sure that you follow all current government advice and guidance.

Equipment.  There are three swings, and two goal screens which can be used for football, netball, cricket and target practice.  The following organisations and events have contributed to the Play Area, and in particular the purchase of equipment:

  • The Mackintosh Foundation
  • Charlton Musgrove Memorial Hall Trustees
  • Village Plant Sale
  • Jubilee Party
  • Village Xmas Party
  • Jazz in the Barn

Future Plans.  Funds are available from recent Village Annual Flower and Produce Shows to provide more equipment over the coming years; plans include the provision of seating and tables.

Maintenance.  Maintaining the play area requires a team of village volunteers routinely to cut the grass and carry-out strimming when necessary.  Currently there are two people carrying out these duties, and volunteers are always welcome to reduce the burden.  Occasionally working parties are required.  Anyone interested in helping out should contact the Parish Council here.

Inspection.  The Play Area is formally inspected each year by an independent consultant.  Inspections are also carried-out by the Parish Council during the year.  Please report any damage or inappropriate use of the Play Area to the Parish Council here.