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Countryside Code

We are all out and about enjoying  the countryside again. Please be mindful of the Countryside Code:
– Keep to the footpaths.
– Leave gates as you find them.
– Keep your dogs on leads.
– Pick up your dog mess.

– Take you litter home.

Click here for the full Countryside Code

Dog Owners and Dog Walkers

All of Charlton Musgrove’s public rights-of-way cross fields used by farmers to grow crops or graze their animals.:
Please be responsible and don’t let your dog foul a public right-of-way or open access land. Dog mess harbours parasites that can harm farm animals especially cows and sheep. It can contain one million microscopic Toxocara Eggs: Toxocaris is highly infectious, especially to children.
– Please keep your dogs under control. A loose out-of-control dog could wound or kill a sheep; cause a pregnant ewe to miscarry; or cause a newborn lamb to be separated from and rejected by its mother. It is a criminal offence (fine £1,000) to allow your dog to worry or attack livestock (sheep, cattle, horses) and remember, as a last resort, a farmer is legally entitled to shoot a dog if they can’t stop it chasing or worrying their farm animals. And you could be liable to compensate the farmer for any financial losses.

Click here for A Guide for Dog Owners and Walkers

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