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St John’s Cemetery in the Parish of Charlton Musgrove is located in Barrow Lane (Postcode: BA9 8HN); it is operated and maintained by Charlton Musgrove Parish Council. All enquiries should be directed to the Parish Clerk (contact information at bottom of this page).

The cemetery is a place for peace and reflection and all users of the cemetery are requested to respect the needs of others and to follow the guidelines below. The full cemetery regulations, including information about interments, can be viewed below.

Cemetery Opening Hours. The cemetery will be open for pedestrian access at all times. The Parish Council reserves the right to make such closures as may be necessary for repairs, emergencies or in the interests of public safety at any time.

Children. Please ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Dogs. Dogs must be kept on their lead at all times; please clear up after your dog.

Interments. No interment shall take place without the prior permission of the Parish Council (see Cemetery Regulations below for more information about rights-of-burial, burial plots, ashes plots and burials).

Graves. Grave spaces must be kept in a neat and tidy condition and any litter should be removed from the site. No trees, shrubs or flowers, including the sowing of seeds, are to be planted anywhere in the cemetery.

Artificial Flowers. In accordance with the Church of England’s guidelines, no artificial flowers or wreaths are allowed in the cemetery. Christmas decorations are to be removed by the end of the following January. The Parish Council reserves the right at any time to remove any unauthorised item placed upon the grave space.

Memorials. Grave owners must ensure all memorials are kept clean, safe and in good repair. The Parish Council will not be liable for damage to any memorial in the cemetery caused by wind, storm, subsidence or any other cause: Any memorial deemed unsafe will be reported to the grave owner for them to arrange immediate repair. If the owner cannot be identified/contacted or fails to make good repairs, the Parish Council reserves the right to repair, make safe or if necessary lay flat immediately any memorial which is allowed to fall into disrepair or become unsightly or dangerous, and recover expenses from the registered owner or the owner’s beneficiaries.

Cemetery Regulations. To view, or download a copy of the full cemetery regulations, go to:

Further Information: For more information about the cemetery, including interments, please contact the Parish Clerk:

Sam Atherton
Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Telephone: 07786 071147


For more information about St John’s Chapel, including services, go to:

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