St John’s Cemetery in the Parish of Charlton Musgrove is located in Barrow Lane (Postcode: BA9 8HN).


  • The cemetery is a place for peace and reflection. It is also a workplace. Accordingly, we ask all users of the cemetery to respect the needs of others and to follow these guidelines.

  • Please ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Dogs must be kept on their lead at all times; please clear up after your dog.

  • Charlton Musgrove Parish Council is responsible for maintenance of the grounds and boundaries of the cemetery.

Cemetery Opening Hours

  • The cemetery will be open for pedestrian access at all times.

  • The Parish Council reserves the right to make such closures as may be necessary for repairs, emergencies or in the interests of public safety at any time.

Notice of Interment

  • No interment shall take place without the prior permission of the Parish Council.

  • The Notice of Interment must be delivered to The Parish Clerk at least three working days (72 hours) prior to the time the interment is due to take place.

  • Interments will only be permitted to take place Mondays to Fridays between 0900 – 1530, excluding public and bank holidays.

  • The Parish Council reserves the right to inspect six months after interment to check whether any sinking of the grave has occurred. In this event, the Funeral Director will be asked to back-fill the plot to the required level.

  • The Parish Council is not responsible for arranging or undertaking grave digging. Insurance cover for contractors undertaking grave digging is the responsibility of the said contractors and the Parish Council will accept no liability.

  • Any damage to any boundary, headstone or other structure or any damage whatsoever, caused during the construction of any plot or during the erection, removal or replacement of any structure whatsoever, shall be repaired by and at the expense of the person causing the same.

Purchase and Grant

  • A non-resident surcharge will apply where the deceased is regarded as a non-resident of the Parish of Charlton Musgrove at the time of their death. Exemptions apply as follows:

  • The deceased had moved out of the Parish to receive specialist care that was not available within the Parish.
  • The deceased was a serving member of the armed forces living in service accommodation who was otherwise a resident in the Parish, or whose family still reside in the Parish.

Appeal. For non-residents whose status falls outside of the exemption criteria, non-resident fees will be applied initially, however, representation may be made to the Parish Council, in the form of a written appeal, to have this status altered, however, the Parish Council’s decision on this matter is final.

Cremated Remains (Ashes Plot)

  • A suitable receptacle containing the ashes of a cremated person may be buried in an ashes plot in the cemetery for which the Exclusive Right of Burial (EROB) has been purchased.

  • Ashes plots are available at single and double depths and applications for additions to existing plots will be at the discretion of the Parish Council.

Private Grave (Burial Plot)

  • Grave spaces can be single or double depths.

  • When purchasing a private grave, the Parish Council will provide a document entitled ‘Exclusive Right of Burial’ (EROB). This document is proof of ownership and is valid for 75 years from the date of purchase. During this period, the Parish Council will buy back any unused or unwanted EROB at the original purchase price.

  • The owner of the EROB is responsible for keeping the Parish Clerk updated with their details.

  • No grave in which the EROB has been purchased shall be opened without the signature of the owner or his/her next of kin of assignees.

  • No second burial will be permitted in any grave unless the EROB has been purchased and the relevant Deed of Grant is produced for inspection. In such cases where the Deed of Grant cannot be produced, a copy can be purchased from the Parish Clerk.

  • Applications for additions to existing plots will be at the discretion of the Parish Council.

Transfer of Grave Ownership

  • In the event of the death of the original grave owner, the person claiming to be entitled to the ownership rights must obtain a formal transfer of ownership from the Parish Council.

  • A copy of the Last Will and Testament identifying the Executor/Executrix will be accepted as proof of intended ownership. If this information is not available, then the full names and addresses of all surviving children of the deceased will be required to prepare the title deed/ ownership transfer. This procedure is to ensure that the remaining family of the deceased agree to that person taking over the ownership rights of the grave space.

  • The formal transfer must take place before funeral arrangements are made to re-open the grave space of approval granted on any proposed memorial work.
  • Grave spaces must be kept in a neat and tidy condition and any litter should be removed from the site.

  • All graves provided in the cemetery will be turfed flat and mown by the Parish Council.

  • No kerbstones or railing of any kind (stone, wooden, plastic or otherwise) are permitted around the graves or cremations.

  • No trees, shrubs or flowers, including the sowing of seeds, are to be planted anywhere in the cemetery.

  • In accordance with the Church of England’s guidelines, no artificial flowers or wreaths are allowed in the cemetery. Christmas decorations are to be removed by the end of the following January.

  • The Parish Council reserves the right at any time to remove any unauthorised item placed upon the grave space.

  • Stone chippings and bark mulch is not permitted on the graves or crema􏰀on plots.


  • Memorials can only be erected on grave spaces where the EROB has been purchased. Memorials should be sound and of natural stone.

  • All memorials are subject to Parish Council approval prior to being installed within the cemetery. The size and inscription of memorials must have the prior permission of the Parish Council and it is additionally requested that due to the nature of the ground, the erection of any memorial should be deferred for 12 months from the date of the burial.
  • The Parish Council requires three working days (72 hours) notice of the erection or removal of a headstone.

  • All memorial work undertaken must be in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Code of Working Practice. The Monumental Mason will be responsible for leaving the grave area in a clean and tidy condition once work is completed and is responsible for any damage that may be caused to any surrounding ground or memorial as a direct result of the installation. Memorial installation cannot take place until a date and time has been agreed with the Parish Council.

A memorial may be either:

  • A memorial headstone (without kerbs) not exceeding 30” in height, or

  • A tablet, installed flush to the ground, a maximum of 18” by 18” and not exceeding 4” above ground level

  • All memorial applications should be made to the Parish Council and the application must include a detailed drawing showing all dimension sizes, the type of material to be used and full inscription details.

  • No hewing or dressing of stone is permitted in the cemetery. As far as is practical, all materials should be prepared ready for fixing, prior to arrival at the cemetery.

  • The Parish Council will remove, at the expense of the grave owner, any memorial or kerbstone that has been installed without the necessary authorisation.

Memorial Maintenance

  • All memorials are erected at the sole responsibility of the grave owner, or their lawful successors.

  • All memorials are the responsibility of the registered owner to maintain.

  • Grave owners must ensure all memorials are kept clean and in good repair. The Parish Council periodically inspects the cemetery to determine the condition of memorials. Any memorial classified as unsafe will be reported to the grave owner in order for them to arrange immediate repair. If this request is not complied with within three months the Parish Council may lay flat the memorial to remove the danger of instability.
  • If the grave owner cannot be identified/contacted, the Parish Council reserves the right to repair or make safe any memorial which is allowed to fall into disrepair or become unsightly or dangerous and recover expenses from the registered owner or the owner’s beneficiaries.

  • The Parish Council will not be liable for damage to any memorial in the cemetery caused by wind, storm, subsidence or any other cause.

  • No seats / benches shall be placed in the cemetery without the prior permission of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any 􏰀me.

Cemetery Fees with effect from 14th May 2020
All fees are payable to the Parish Clerk at the time of giving notice.

Purchase of a Grave Space
Exclusive Right of Burial (EROB) for a Period of 75 Years

BURIAL PLOT (single / double)£250
ASHES PLOT (single / double)£125

Burial Fee

Burial PlotChild up to 16 years of ageFREE
Adult £175
Ashes PlotChild up to 16 years of ageFREE
Adult £75

If a double burial plot is required, this must be stated at the time of purchase.

For non- residents of Charlton Musgrove, quadruple fees on all of the above will apply.

Before any plot can be opened/re-opened, the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial must be presented to the Parish Council.

Photocopies of EROB can be obtained from the Parish Council at a cost of £30.00.

Memorials and Inscriptions
These may only be erected or placed on purchased grave spaces with the prior approval of the Parish Council.

Memorial (up to 30” high)£100
Vase or Flat Tablet (18” x 18” x 4” high)£60

The above charges include the first inscription

Each additional inscription, replacement memorial/tablet/vase£40

Additional Fees

Every search covering a period of up to one year£30
Every search for a period exceeding one year£30
Extra Certified copy of an entry of burial£30
Transfer of Ownership of EROB£30

Charlton Musgrove Parish Council will review these fees annually.

Ownership.  The cemetery is owned and operated by the Parish Council, which is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and boundaries of the cemetery (St John’s Chapel itself is owned and operated by the Parochial Church Council).

For more information about the cemetery, including interments, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Sally Moore

Interim Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
07941 201620


For more information about St John’s Chapel, including services, please contact the Churchwarden here https://www.charltonmusgrove.org/our-churches/